My article for the AfPak Channel “The bin Laden Aftermath: The Internet jihadis react” was its most-read article in 2011

Here is the AfPak Channel’s post on it:

2011 was an incredible year for news around the world. Now that it’s behind us, here are the 10 most-read articles and collections from the AfPak Channel in the last year:

1. Aaron Y. Zelin — The bin Laden Aftermath: The Internet jihadis react

2. Joshua Foust — The Battle for Marjah, Reviewed

3. Asra Q. Nomani — The real shame in Pakistan

4. Michael Waltz — Don’t hold back with Pakistan

5. 10 years of War: An FP Roundtable

6. Mehreen Farooq and Waleed Ziad — Pakistan’s most powerful weapon

7. Huma Imtiaz — Behind the scenes of Raymond Davis’s release

8. Asra Q. Nomani — Saif al-Adel and the death of Daniel Pearl

9. Teresita Schaffer and Howard Schaffer — Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir: A grand bargan? 

10. C. Christine Fair — Explaining the inexplicable: Murder at Mazar

— Peter Bergen and Andrew Lebovich

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