I am restarting Jihadology a little later than I had intended, but after completing Middlebury’s immersive and intensive language program I needed a break from doing much of anything. That said, if anyone has the opportunity to do Middlebury’s Arabic program, I highly recommend it. Also, I want to thank everyone that sent me an email over the summer saying they were looking forward to the return of Jihadology. Over the past few months jihādĩs have released 100s of new primary source materials. Unfortunately, I currently do not have the time to add all of them to the site, but I have them all saved in my personal archives so if there is anything anybody is interested in having please email me and I will be sure to add it to the website.

Fun fact: I broke the news that Ẓawāhirī was the new amīr of AQ in Arabic. I also, recently wrote a post at al-Wasat if you have yet to see it titled “What’s in a Name: The Death of the al-Qa’ida Brand?” And if you have library access the academic journal Terrorism and Political Violence published a book review I did on Nelly Lahoud’s excellent book The Jihadis’ Path to Self-Destruction. In the coming week or two I should be having a few new articles coming out as well. Be on the look out for those.

It’s good to be back!

Since I started Jihadology almost thirteen months ago, it has always been a side project of mine that I do in my free time. Unfortunately, this summer, I will not have the free time to maintain the website. I will be continuing my Arabic language study at Middlebury College, where there is a language pledge. Meaning it is completely full immersion and therefore, I will not be allowed to speak, write, read, or listen to anything except for in Arabic. Therefore, I will be unable to update this website in English. In the course of thinking about how I could get around this,  I thought maybe I could continue this website in Arabic during the summer, but I do not believe it would be feasible since I will be extremely busy and I do not want to take away from my learning (which will hopefully allow for an even better website when I complete my study). Therefore, between June 7 and August 7 this website will go dark. Sorry for any inconveniences. I look forward, though, to the day when I return at the end of the summer and able to continue this website. I will still have access to email during the summer (since the program knows it is nearly impossible to completely shut out English language influences with todays technologies), so if you have any inquires, questions, or comments I will still be reading my emails: azelin [at] jihadology [dot] net. That said, my goal is to follow the spirit of the language pledge, which is why this website is going on hiatus.

Thank you for the continued support and I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer.